Woodwork inspired by nature, crafted by hand.

Born to a woodworking family in China, 乾 |Qian studied art in San Francisco before going home to apprentice the craft of budha statue carving from his dad.  

by qian from 山舍 | senser ︎︎︎

Lotus Trivet | 荷花壶承

The lotus flower has always been a favorite subject in Chinese traditional wood carving, carrying a multitude of auspicious blessings and meanings. The designer has captured the captivating features of the lotus shape, applying traditional carving techniques to it and presenting a hint of modern visual aesthetics, vibrant and free.

The entire work is primarily completed using carving knives. Beginning with the roughing knife, moving from large to small, the round-mouth, flat-mouth, and sharpening knives are used in turn. Then, a variety of sizes and styles of finishing knives are combined to complete a piece. The carving skills required during the production process are high, and only skilled craftsmen can complete it.

Falling Leaves | 秋葉